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News Coverage in The Hindu Newspaper

Media Advocacy through print media, Radio, T.V. & even folk media like street play & songs has been a practice of MRA from last 8 years. Series of pains and gains dialogue of EWR’s with media have been organized from time and again. Media is not sensitive on the issue of women in governance. Especially sustained dialogue sessions are needed at district & Taluka level.

This dialogue with Media has been purposefully practiced to attract the attention of multi lingual print and electronic media. These Pains and gains sharing conferences between EWR’s and journalists have been very successful over the years.

SATYAMEV JAYATE: Satyamev Jayate season 2 is popular television show hosted by Aamir Khan. MRA was really proud to be featured on the show and also supported by Reliance foundations & like-minded socially sensitized citizens of India.

STRUGGLE CONTINUES & ONE IN A MILLION: As a part of Audio – Visual documentation of the MRA we also have a video documentation of different activities. “Struggle Continues” is one such documentary film that brings forwards issues of Women in Governance and MRA process. Secondly we are also very happy to announce you that half an hour documentary film on Mayatai Sorte’s – MRA State Women Leaders – journey in Governance has also been shown on Door Darshan channel named – “One in a million”. This was with regard to impact of woman’s reservation in Local Self Governance. The film depicted the experience of EWRs and Women leaders at the grassroots stories of success and challenges in Governance.

GNY TAKES A NOTE OF MAHILA RAJSATTA ANDOLAN Geography n you is one of the leading National Magazine of India. They have published January-February 2014 a special bulletin on “Women in Panchayat”. They have covered a large spectrum of women’s active participation in politics. GnY published Mahila Rajsatta Andolan, a campaign with Elected Women Leaders; as a story of Maharashtra. Maharashtra was awarded the first position for incremental devolution of power under the Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability incentive scheme (PEAIS); third position in Cumulative Devolution; and the e – Panchayat award for its effective village- oriented computer program – ‘Sangram’ for the year 2011-12.

‘CHITRALEKHA’is the Marathi well established magazine in Maharashtra. Chitralekha writes on various social issues pertaining in the society. Gender issues are still prominent in the today’s modern era also. MRA is also promoting equality among men & women as women are far behind in getting basic human rights. MRA has initiated the campaign “JyotibaJagar” as a sensitization program in Maharashtra. Our famous slogan is “Savitriase Gharoghari, Jyotibancha Shodh Jari”. Magazine has covered a plethora of the issue and the tiny efforts by various organizations & eminent male leaders. Chitralekha has published an interview of Mr. Bhim Raskar, in the March 2014 issue.

LOKPRABHA – Women’s Day 2014 special edition On the occasion of women’s day, “Lokprabha” launched a special bulletin on “Women’s Empowerment in Politics”. The issue also spoke about political career of women. Magazine has thrown a light on the active participation of EWRs in village governance. Lokprabha has captured the experience and perspective of six Women Leaders of Mahila Rajsatta Andolan respectively Malatitai Sagane, Nanda Gaikwad, Ashatai Ghadle, Ratnamalatai Vaidya, Archanatai Jatkar & Mayatai Sorte.


Gramin Bharat (Sponsored by Ministry of Panchayat Raj) programme was very useful for Elected Women Representatives. We conducted around 18 programmes with Doordarshan and IBN-Lokmat. This was very effective for knowledge sharing.



Young sarpanch Sharda Pawar had to struggle with the men in the village while implementing the schemes like water, anti-alcohol and Joint House Ownership. Sometimes she faced verbal abuse and sometimes threats but she still broke the male dominance and led the village towards development. About the courage of Sharda Tai…

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