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  • NGO¬† in a village politics is being seen as a new trend which is not accepted by the village members.
  • Exclusion of EWR’s from selection process if the Sarpanch by way of collective “DEVADARSHAN” Programme.
  • Physical attack on EWR’s their families & Supporters creates lot of insecurity among newly elected women members and their families. Gram Sabha, Mahila Gram Sabha, participation of EWR’s in Grampanchayat meetings is being decided by Male members of the family.
  • Alcohol plays an important role in disturbing women’s participation in Governance.
  • Character Assassination of active women member is an offenely used weapon by opponents.
  • EWR’s are in dual mind – family role Vs governance role.
  • Passive EWR’s are Tolerable. Active EWR’s are elegible only for no confidence motion.
  • Women has got 33% space in governance but societal expectation are more than double, EWR’s are expected to become “development magician”.
  • Political success indicators are based on patriarchal frame of reference.
  • Hierarchy within Women Civil Society based on marital status of family, number of sons, status of family, caste. Class, appearance etc.
  • 40% women – saying no for second time election due to dominance by male members, secondary status, attitude of bureaucracy and inferiority complex created by the system.
  • Unopposed elections within local safe-governance. is against the principle of democracy.
  • Auction sale of elected representatives for the post of Sarpanch positions.
  • Division of terms among the elected representatives for the post of Sarpanch.
  • Traditional social mindset as 33% seats for women and 67% seats for men only. Reality is 100% seats are open for women and 67% for men.
  • Challenges of value based politics within value-less political context.
  • People centered development against self-centered approach.
  • Livelihood issues against emotional issues.
  • Constitution focused power struggle against 4M (Money, Mafia, Muscle, Male) focused power struggle.

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