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The major steps for ensuring participation of Women in Decision Making Process needs step by step involvement, from organising Mahila Sabhas to decentralizing of Power

Mahila Sabhas are being organized regularly
  • Mahila Sabhas are being organized regularly, but not in all villages.
  • There have been regular Mahila Sabha only in the villages that in contact with MRA.
Women’s participation has given increased pace to the village development process
  • Different issues pertaining to women are now assumed development focus
  • Participatory development process
The self confidence among women Sarpanchs has increased
  • The frequency of no-confidence motions against women Sarpanchs has reduced
  • Earlier women Sarpanchs refused to contest elections for the 2nd time…. But now they are coming forward to contest elections for a second term.
The lower levels of government machinery have become functional
  • For e.g.: because of the heightened demand for accountability from the people, the Gram Sevak, the PHC Nurses, etc are more regular in their work
Women go for flag hoisting in large numbers
  • Earlier women Sarpanchs were not allowed to do the flag hoisting, they were ridiculed by the men folk. Usually some male member of the Gram Panchayat or some established traditional leader would hoist the flag.
  • However, today women Sarpanchs not only hoist the flag.. But also take along the other women folk of the village for flag hoisting.
  • The GR issued in this regard has been very useful
Development of political potentials among women
  • The political leadership potentials and capacities of women are on a rise
A shift in the priorities of the Gram Panchayat
  • Today, women related problems find priority in the development agenda of the villages
  • E.g.: Importance not only to concretization of road, installing lampposts, etc but also water, health, education, etc.
The 33% Reservation for women has given a new direction to the Panchayat Raj System
  • Entry of women has helped to breakthrough stagnant and passive village administration
Gram Sabhas have become the center of the decision-making for common people
  • Earlier Gram Sabhas were hardly held in any village.
  • But today they are transcending into a center of people’s participation in the decision making at the village level
  • The various village committees were only formed on paper…. But today, with women occupying 50% membership in all these committees, these are getting into some serious work
Advocacy and change for women centered policies
  • The Campaign has been successful in lobbying for women centered policies in the PRIs.
  • These positive changes in the policies have further helped the elected women representatives in the PRIs.
Increasing awareness among people regarding the decentralization of power
  • People are actively participating in the sharing of power


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