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About RSCD

Resource and Support Centre for Development


Resource and Support Centre for Development (RSCD) was established in the year 1994 as a grass root campaign promoting organization towards a vision of a society where equal and appropriate opportunities are ensured to the deprived sections so that they live in dignity, justice and freedom.

RSCD, believes that “development is basically a process of liberating people” from exploitative situations and deprivations. Today, Resource and Support Centre for Development has reached out to development agencies, associations, academic and research institutions, policy makers, legislators for advocacy collaboration, campaign and issues support. All these factors mobilized to become a collective and formed the organization.

VISION: RSCD as an enabler :-

A society in which equal and appropriate opportunities are available to the marginalized, mainly tribal, dalit and women, enabling them to be partners in building up this nation and exercise their rights in equality, justice and freedom.

MISSION: RSCD to create Development Actors :-

Establish and nurture network bodies of local voluntary organizations, development agencies, actors and committed people who believe in the potential of the marginalized and enable them to become actor of their own development.


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