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Towards Holistic Panchayat Raj – Report by Expert Committee In this Twentieth Anniversary year of Constitutional Panchayat Raj, the Government of India in the Ministry of Panchayat Raj constituted an Expert Committee to examine how Panchayat Raj Institutions might be leveraged to secure the more efficient delivery of Public Goods and services. The committee has honoured MRA’s work by including it in committee report. They have also marked ‘Good Practices’ identified & shared by Mahila Rajsatta Andolan and RSCD.


Three MRA members got the chance to present their views
and experiences on endearing governance and participatory
citizenship in Maharashtra.


SEVEN STORIES– ‘Seven Stories’ of Elected Women Leaders is a tender effort to document struggle & success of EWRs of RSCD. The document consists of true life stories of seven strengthen, empowered women who are active in village Governance. These EWRs are the pillar of Mahila Rajsatta Andolan & influences other women leader.

JOINT HOUSE OWNERSHIP STUDY– by Kusumtai Chowdhari Mahila Kalyani & MRA – RSCD Joint House Ownership is a catalyst GR by Government of Maharashtra to change the subordinate status of women on 20th November 2003. ‘Joint House Ownership study’ was an initiative to study reality& impact in the implementation. The main objective was to understand perception of various stakeholders’ on JHO. The study was undertaken in ‘Javali’ block of Satara District by EWR ShardaPawar, Nizare Gram Panchayat. Total 333 respondents were interviewed from 10 villages among Javali block. The study was appreciated as remarkable study by Kusumtai Chowdhari Mahila Kalyani.


Loksatta is one of the leading Marathi language Newspaper in Maharashtra. Stories of elected women representatives of Mahila Rajsatta Andolan filled with successes and challenges were published in its weekly supplement ‘Chaturang’ under the heading ‘Saksham Me (Empowered)’. Considering overwhelming response of people, these stories were published in the booklet form by Loksatta in 2008.

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