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Ongoing Need Based Publications: Different books, training modules, Training material, posters, pamphlets etc. are published as per the needs of the programs and campaigns. Savitri Gatha (Savitribai Phule – as a first teacher & reformer) is one such innovative book which is the compilation of the available literature written by Savitribai Phule. This Gatha will be read out to members of the Gram Sabha i.e., the common villagers during a week long – 7 day event will act as a forum and space for women to participate. This book is a combination of thoughts of Savitribai and the actions that we can do. The book is divided in different parts:

  1. Sharing the materials written by Savitribai Phule
  2. Reading out and sharing the meaning of the concepts – reflection
  3. Sharing information of Government Resolutions (GR).
  4. Relating the material of Savitribai to the present day Governance issues – what we can do
  5. Decision makingand oath taking for future actions.


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