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Since beginning MRA has been very active in Struggle documentation. This has been a process to re-visit the vision of MRA. Rajsattetlya Karbharni – Perspective and practice sharing publication of one hundred pages, once in a year is an effort to document the Gains and Pains of Elected Women Representatives of the Gram Panchayat. Through Karbharni RSCD tries to highlight their issues, upgrade the governance skills of EWR’s and represent them at the policy-making levels. Karbharni Quarterly bulletin is published along with latest Government Resolution (GR) and fresh information on governance is targeted more to Educated and urban middle class which is far away from the issues of rural women and their success strategies. Publications of Rajsattetlya Karbharni and Periodical Bulletins have successfully highlighted the Strategies used by EWRs in Governance, alongwith their Experiences. It has served as a forum or platform to understand Governance as an issue in the present context. Through Karbharni, EWRs gained access to information, availability of Government Resolutions and Acts. This sharing of information has been effectively used even by different NGOs, Semi Govt. and Government bodies like MAVIM & Jalswarajya.



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