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Publications is our biggest backbone, as through this we are able to convey our message to the literate and semi-literate section of the society. Few of our publications are as follows

  • Publication of Diwali Magazine to dialogue with intellectuals and middle class of the society.
  • Pre-session workshops to address local issues.
  • Struggle documentation process to re-visit the vision.
  • Gramsabha Gaurav Abhiyan.
  • Show Us Accounts Campaign.
  • Campaign on 10% reserved budget for women.
  • Series of women leadership workshops.
  • Pre – election Campaign.
  • Grampanchayat Darshan campaign by women leaders.
  • Felicitation of Husbands & Families for favourable  support.
  • Joint ownership of Houses through Mahila Sabha.
  • Grassroot Scholarship to identify Grassroot issues.
  • Media – Katha through Press conferences.
  • Daughters of Savitri – a series for neo-representatives.
  • Inter State Workshop for national policy initiatives.
  • Dialogue with assembly speaker and policy makers.
  • MAVIM – MRA collaboration for economic & political governance.
  • Haldi – Kumkum – Cultural Campaign to share ideas on governance.
  • Lobbying with political parties.
  • Lokarpan Campaign to initiate people’s leadership in Andolan.
  • Novel on MRA process.
  • Emerging front of forty women leaders.
  • Creative participation in an election.

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