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Power Analysis: Issues & Strategies

 Here we present the utmost important methodology that makes us understand the present status and do future planning to strengthen the power of Women.


Level Major Issues Strategies Outcome
Self as a



  • Lack of exposure,
  • Lack of Confidence,
  • Poor self esteem
  • Lack of participation in decision making
  • Illiteracy/ years of gap     in women’s education
  • Lack of knowledge     about village politics             and Panchayat affairs
  • Fear, anxiety and pressure to perform
  • Restrictions based on caste, class and religious ideologies,
  • Economic dependence,
  • Threat of all sorts of Violence in home and outside
  • BOSS Course
  • Abhinandan Patra (Congratulatory Certificates/ letters) and Melava (Felicitation program)
  • Women Leadership Workshops and Training of Trainers
  • Perspective Building Workshops
  • Ideal Sarpanch Award in Conventions (Adarsh Sarpanch/ Karbharni)
  • Information Dissemination (Karbharni Annual & Quarterly magazine, other need based material, reflexive games like Governance Snake and Ladder games etc)
  • Membership and I card
  • Crisis Support
  • Involving women in (Protests and del egations) Dharna Morcha
  • Increases self confidence and Dignity
  • Increase in awareness and knowledge
  • Creates a new Identity in women
  • Struggle for Value        based governance
  • Change in perspective
  • Courage to take up issues independently
Family as a



·Restrictions on mobility,

·Lack of support,

·Interference by husband,

·Burden of household responsibility,

·Doubt on character,


·Ego issues and jealousy

  • Parivar Sanman Patra (Family Felicitation),
  • Jodi Sanman (Joint husband  wife felicitation)
  • Dialogue with son’s of Jyotiba
  • Involving family members in MRA activities
  • Increase their     Social acceptance
  • Turning interfer            ence into support
  • Increase in     women’s status within family
  • Increase in family        status
  • Acceptance of women as political actors
  • More space for women in decision making
Village as a

local power


  • Strong Traditional Power centers
  • Patriarchal Stereotypes,
  • Control and pressure of influential and powerful people,
  • Domination of Caste, class, religious ideologies,
  • Various political parties,
  • Vested interest groups,
  • Women are not a homogenous category,
  • Corruption and other mal-practice
  • Gram Panchayat Darshan (Visit to Gram Panchayat Campaign)
  • Gram Sabha Gaurav,
  • Savitri Gatha,
  • (Adarsh Gaon) Ideal Village Award
  • VAG Campaign and Yuvati Sunvai
  • Election Campaign
  • Gaon Shakha  Village Branch
  • Panchayat Raj Women’s Front
  • Change in development agenda
  • Reaching out to the
  •  marginalized sections
  • Awareness building on new issues

1. Creation of new support systems

2.Rapport building and alliance with various stakeholders

3.Effective and efficient GP

  • Change in power equations



  • Insensitive bureaucracy,
  • Non-cooperation by the higher authorities,
  • Lack of Support and encouragement
  • Corruption,
  • Poor linkage from state to the village
  • Hisob Dakhwa Abhiyaan (Show us accounts Campaign),
  • Joint House Ownership Campaign
  • Panchayati Raj Resource Centers
  • Campaign on 10 % & 15% Reserved Budget
  • 33% +++ Campaign
  • Convention
  • Protest and delegation programs
  • Creating new practices to change situation
  • Cross Section Alliances
  • Implementation of Government
  •  Resolutions and orders
  • Sensitizing the bureaucracy
  • Changing the mindset and perspective of people



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