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Our Structure

Current structure of the movement


One can be a member of the movement after paying the membership fee of Rs 10/-

Village branch:

A village branch is established if there are a minimum of 50 women members of the movement in that village

Village Branch Executive Committee:

It consists of one president, one vice president, one  secretary, one treasurer (4 office bearers) and seven members with the committee compriing eleven persons.

Taluka Front:

Two members of every village branch participate in Taluka Front which has a similar structure of four office bearers and seven members.

Taluka Organizer:

The movement has appointed Taluka organizers (women) to disseminate state level decisions and program details and coordinate between villages and Taluka and also guide the village branches.

District Front:

Two Taluka representatives from every Taluka and Taluka organizer form the District Front, with four office bearers and seven members comprising a team of 11 per sons.

District Organizer:

The district organizer is responsible for guiding Taluka organizer and responsible for coordination between the Taluka and the district.

Regional Coordinator:

Every division has regional coordinator who guides the village branch, Taluka Front, District Front and the Taluka and district organizers.

State Executive Committee:

Two representatives from Taluka representatives of every division, one representative from district representatives, representative of  Panchayat Raj Mahila Aghadi and divisional coordinator from the executive committee. The state executive committee meets twice a year when the entire process is reviewed and future course discussed.

Convener Committee:

A representative for policy advocacy, another expert at organization building, a Panchayat Raj Mahila Aghadi representative  and one to decide the framework of the program form a four-member convener committee.

Executive Committee:

The executive committee consists of representatives of the convener committee and the divisional committee. It decides on the programs at the village and district level, policy and their direction and has a State level meeting every month.

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